Customer Relationship Management

Digital Fuel is partnered with several leading international SaaS CRM and direct mail fulfillment companies. Offering your business a fully digital, integrated solution to your CRM needs.

Our growing team combines professionals with over 30 years’ experience in CRM, working together with you to deliver a great quality service for our customers every day.

Our online platform has thousands of active customers, serviced through our capacity to mail over millions of items every month for our customer’s.

We utilize a fluid budget strategy across channels to ensure optimization based on brand specific performance and business objectives.


Find and engage new customers


Turn interest into action


Maximise the lifetime value of your customers

Brand Engagement:

Build relationships and promote customer loyalty

Lead Generation:

Data collection and audience profiling with end to end conversion funnels


Brand advocates talking to your audience

  • No minimum send or spend

  • Fully managed By Digital Fuel

  • Free to use platform

  • Multiple format choices

  • Volume based discounts

Our free of charge Postcode Radius Search service allows you to easily select an area, target or exclude specific streets, and create a recipient group of potential new customers with just a couple of clicks.

GDPR & Direct Mail:

Does GDPR prevent you from sending Direct Mail? Absolutely not; we can show you how to legitimately and legally contact customers and prospects with targeted Direct Mail.

Rest API & Integration:

A platform built for developers. Our APIs are simple & robust, enabling access to every action and resource needed for sending & managing your direct mail. Don't fancy coding yourself? That's fine we have integration with Zapier and 1st class plugins for popular 3rd party services. Data Cleaning & Health Check

When you upload your data to our system, we clean it and check the addresses against Royal Mail’s database for free. We also have a service to check if the recipient has moved, died or registered with the Mail Preference Service.

Flexible Templating:

Our easy to use system allows you to create and trigger multiple templates for your campaigns, or even use completely different images and text for each recipient. Analytics and Tracking Do you need to know where your mail is and when your recipients will get it? We've got you covered.

Automation with Triggers:

Triggered direct mail campaigns are the perfect way to contact customers on dates that are relevant to their personal customer journey. Anniversaries, renewal dates, birthday's, 'time-sensitive' offers; if you've got the data, we've got the platform!

Dedicated Expert Support:

When you sign up for a Stannp account your dedicated account manager is available to support you via phone, email or web chat.

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