Influencer Marketing and Management

We Identify the perfect influencer for your brand or performance marketing campaign. Digital Fuel’s years of experience in performance marketing give us a great advantage in discovering new and established influencers.

Our influencer discovery tool tracks millions of global creators, making it easy to pinpoint the right influencers for your campaign every time.We also invite social media influencers to register their interests via our recruitment pages on the Digital Fuel website. We have an extensive database of approved and vetted gaming, gambling, social and esports influencers allowing us to get your campaigns up and running in no time.

Influencer Relationship Management (IRM):

Digital Fuel tracks your influencer relationships in our social influencer CRM platform. We record each influencer’s contact details and payment information, store contracts, and capture additional first-party data with custom fields. You can also monitor correspondence with your influencers via automated bcc email tracking.

Our very experienced team will manage your relationships with influencers on your brands behalf. Our social influencer relationship management platform will also keep you up to date with all the campaign data plus spend and easy ways to approve fees for influencers. We take the hard work out of running a social media influencer marketing campaign.

Build Your Private Influencer Network:

We accept influencer applications to join your private network or be added to your influencer database for campaign opportunities. Our influencer application is whitelabeled with your branding and is available in 13 major languages.

Get Influencers Paid:

Digital Fuel’s industry-leading payments solution automates YouTube revenue and influencer payment calculations and provides transparent financial reporting for advertising revenue, subscription earnings, and brand sponsorships.

We also support foreign currency conversion and a variety of payment methods, including:

  • ACH

  • Wire transfer

  • Tipalti

  • PaymentRails

  • PayPal


Campaign Reporting:

Digital Fuel’s campaign management and reporting software allows us to focus on the details of your campaigns plus generate sales materials, track deliverables, and provide real-time reporting to your brands internal marketing team.

Successful influencer campaigns require working with the right talent and demonstrating value. Plus capturing moments fast and being able to report and learn from the data.

Our team eliminates campaign management headaches for you by streamlining content approvals before campaign posts go live and track deliverables to ensure influencers fulfil their requirements. Store contracts, measure impression and viewership goals, and oversee project status for each campaign in your pipeline.

Automate campaign reporting allows us to produce up to the minute campaign data. The Digital Fuel team and platform automatically track all sponsored content, even saving ephemeral posts like Instagram Stories to view after they expire.

We report on campaign impressions, viewership, engagements, and audience demographics throughout the campaign so you can provide trusted, real-time updates to your team via exportable reports or a live client dashboard.

Campaign Management:

Having years of experience within affiliate marketing gives us the right base to offer our clients security. Our team has the understanding of how to manage influencer recruitment campaigns. With an already extensive database of gaming, gambling and esports influencer talent. We are able to deliver individual tailored social media influencer campaigns that deliver a positive return on investment.

Keeping a brand's influencer programme competitive and on the right influencers radar is a constant task. When an offer is changed, we need to get the message out to the influencers as quickly as possible. We have built a level of trust with our influencers as we work with them on multiple different influencer campaigns & programmes, so when we build and send an update, we are sure the message is received, read, and acted on.

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