Why Digital Fuel.

Do you have enough talent, enthusiasm and courage to join the Digital Fuel journey?

We work with unique and interesting brands who need us to get as passionate about what they do as much as ourselves. We look for the freshest talent who not only think creatively but constantly challenge the status quo.

Scratch the surface of Digital Fuel and you will find a melting pot of talent, we strive to do differently and constantly seek to evolve. We do not care where you came from but we do care about what you can do and what you can achieve with us. We will support you on your Digital Fuel journey and develop your professional and personal skills. With accredited courses and training and being members of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising we access the latest and most relevant knowledge hubs.

What do we look for in new people?

We go to huge lengths to objectively assess candidates. We will always give you every opportunity at the interview to shine and make your strengths known to us.

We are committed to equality of opportunity and diversity, we hire on merit alone. It is the combination of your experience, your attitude and qualifications that will get you hired and not your gender, race, religion, age, sexuality, neurodiversity, marriage status or disability.

The greatest thing about working for an agency like ours is we are a vibrant, fast growth business with a range of opportunities on offer at any time. We look for the brightest and best people in the business, working together with that “never say never” attitude is at the heart of our founder Toby Oddy’s creative spirit.

How do we hire?

Please check our available jobs which are updated regularly and simply send us your CV via our portal. You will never hear of us via a recruitment consultant, we like to select the best candidates ourselves. We understand that getting time off for interviews can be tricky and we follow a simple process if your CV fits.

  • Initial interview: we find out a bit about you, whether your skills, personality and attitude fits with us but also do we fit with you, are we what you are looking for in that next step.
  • Next comes the science, we run psychometric testing which may include critical thinking or ability tests, sometimes with a project for you to look at. We may also get you to fill out a personality profile. These tests are for us to see if you would be a good fit and whether we can offer you a fulfilling career.
  • Finally the second interview if the first two stages are successful we will invite you to meet with our senior management team. For some roles you may meet our Chairman. Here we look at strategic career goals and questions you may have about what we can offer you.

During this process everything is treated with the strictest of confidence please read here for our privacy policy.

What makes Digital Fuel a great place to build a career:

We have been giving this lots of thought, we have talked to our staff, both our newcomers and our more established team members. How do we stack up against our competition as recruitment is a competitive market place at the moment. We have uncovered our best secrets to becoming part of our incredible team.

We genuinely care for our clients.

For our business and each other. To thrive here you have to do the right thing no matter what. We have the courage to challenge each other and the status quo and in our market that is important. If we continually do the same thing our competitors will get ahead of us. We work hard and we are proud of our high achievements, of our uniqueness and the skill sets every member of our team brings from all walks of life. We are diverse.

  • We have strong values at our core and we believe in them, we are resilient, professional, curious, people centered, inclusive, we strive for excellence, we are proud of ourselves and we act with integrity and in partnership with others. We are restless in our urge to challenge ourselves as a business and push for continuous improvement. As a team we expect all of us to question one another rather than just accept what is happening. We embrace the fact that things can be done better and differently, everyone has an impact.
  • We care about our Digital Fuel team, it does not matter how long you have been here or how senior you are in the business, your voice is important and can be the catalyst for change. We are a human business in a digital space and feelings and intuition are paramount.

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