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Get ready to be amazed by some truly staggering figures. The online gambling market in India is experiencing an unprecedented boom, and there's no sign of it slowing down. By the year 2023, experts predict that it will reach an astonishing $1.5 billion, but that's not all. The market is projected to grow at an astounding rate of 22% from 2023 to 2028. This means a potential increase of $330 million in just five years. The affiliate marketing opportunities in this rapidly expanding market are immense.

The world of gambling is deeply rooted in India's vibrant history. Picture the dice games in the great epic, Mahabharata, or the infamous gambling houses mentioned in the laws of Manu.  Gambling has been a part of the culture for thousands of years. However, the picture isn't all rosy when it comes to the legality of gambling in modern India. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 bans running or being in charge of a public gaming house. But, here's where it gets exciting - there's no specific definition of 'online' in this act. Additionally, states hold the power to formulate their gambling laws. For instance, Sikkim and Nagaland have regulations allowing online games of skill, including poker and rummy. To cut a long story short, while land-based gambling is mostly illegal in India, online gambling inhabits a grey area. 

Payment Methods

Now, let's talk about payment methods in India. With over half a billion internet users, India is swiftly transitioning to digital payments, offering a diverse range of options. From popular digital wallets like Paytm and Google Pay to UPI (Unified Payments Interface) services, and from debit and credit cards to mobile banking – the Indian market has a wide selection of payment options. However, not all of these methods are compatible with online gambling platforms. This is where Digital Fuel Performance's affiliate services come into play. While Digital Fuel Performance does not provide the payment platform itself, it works closely with those that do and can provide advice on the best options available.

Digital Fuel, with its dynamic payment gateway solutions, can advise on seamless transactions for your online gambling platform. Our speciality? We understand the nuances of the Indian market and have tailored our services to accommodate the unique needs of this vibrant sector. With an office  in India which specialises in the market and the local culture. we can provide even more valuable insights. From offering multi-currency support to providing round-the-clock customer service, Digital Fuel is committed to fuelling your growth in India's online gambling market.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling in India is hugely popular with punters increasingly turning to their smartphones for a quick flutter. An estimated 90% of India's online gamblers prefer using mobile devices, pointing towards the tremendous potential that lies in mobile gambling. There's a certain charm in having a casino in your pocket, right? Convenience, flexibility, and the joy of playing on the go have given rise to this new-age trend.

Digital Fuel Performance is here to transform your mobile gambling experience. We know that a seamless, user-friendly journey is crucial for customer retention. With our expertise, embark on an exciting expedition into the world of mobile gambling in India. We'll guide you through the highs and lows, ensuring a smooth ride. Get ready to conquer the mobile gambling market with our exceptional services, one bet at a time!

Unlock New Customers With Affiliate Marketing

Gain access to hundreds of new publishers, advertisers, affiliates, and specialist ad networks with our Affiliate Network. At Digital Fuel, we live and breathe the Affiliate Marketing world. We will provide your campaign with reach to the best suppliers operating within the iGaming space from all over the world, helping you unlock the full potential of your campaigns. Our Affiliate Team is transparent, passionate, and experienced in what they deliver, ensuring every campaign is given the fuel it needs to reach its full potential through improved lifetime customer values, presence on new markets, and full compliance with gambling and advertising regulatory bodies.


Our advertising technology is designed to scale performance seamlessly. It serves as a central hub for managing legal, offer, and payout processes, all automated with a focus on connectivity.

By streamlining with a single supplier agreement and terms & conditions, you eliminate the need for individual agreements and insertion orders. With our DFP platform, you can effortlessly connect all your traffic sources, both new and existing.

Track and optimise your offers conveniently in one place. Whether it's bespoke or general offers, you can target specific traffic sources effortlessly across mobile, web, and app platforms.

Experience the convenience of having one marketplace for app downloads, affiliates, and programmatic media buying.


Gain instant access to top advertisers and affiliates through our skilled account management team. They will provide guidance and connect your business with the ideal traffic source tailored to your requirements.

Set up your advertiser profile and customise your preferences based on your ad inventory. Implement unique postback triggers to track essential customer and supplier interactions, as well as conversion data points. Choose from a variety of ad formats with automatically generated relevant code.

Benefit from real-time data insights and reporting, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way. Our network operates with full transparency, granting you the ability to monitor every transaction.

What We Can Offer

At our company, we leverage precise customer targeting, coupled with responsive customer support and robust conversion optimisation tools, to deliver exceptional results:

Global Expansion: Showcase your brand on the top publisher and affiliate sites in the gambling sector. Seamlessly enter new markets with confidence.

Enhanced Customer Value: Boost the lifetime value of your customers through strategic acquisition and retention campaigns.

Uninterrupted Support: Our dedicated account management team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Controlled Traffic Flow: Seamlessly integrate with leading attribution and analytics platforms like AppsFlyer and Kochava to ensure accurate conversion attribution across all devices and advertising channels.

Targeted Traffic Acquisition: Gain direct access to App Stores, DSPs, Native, Social, and Search Advertising Networks.

Quality Assurance: Connect with industry-leading fraud and compliance tools to optimise campaign performance while maintaining full compliance with advertising and gambling 

As our Affiliate Manager, Kuldeep Negi says. "In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, our goal at Digital Fuel is not just to keep pace, but to shape the future of online gambling. We believe in collaboration and innovation, working closely with our affiliates and partners to deliver a gaming experience that excites and engages. Our success is built on understanding the unique requirements of the Indian market and delivering tailor-made solutions that drive growth and customer satisfaction."

Ready to Fuel Your Growth? 

Now is the perfect time to enhance your online gambling platform with our customised solutions and expert advice. Get in touch with our affiliate team at or to get started. We're not just offering a service; we're offering an opportunity to excel in the online gambling market. 

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