Digital Fuel Enhances Operations with Cheryl Westerman's Appointment as Group Chief Operating Officer

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Digital Fuel is pleased to announce the engagement of Cheryl Westerman, in collaboration with OMNI Business Consulting, as our new Group Chief Operating Officer. This strategic appointment follows Adam Cox's transition to a client-facing role after having significantly contributed to the development and implementation of superior operational systems within the company. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Adam for his pivotal role and wish him success in his new company.

At the forefront of the iGaming sector, Digital Fuel is committed to providing innovative digital media solutions to a diverse clientele, including players, affiliates, and operators. Our dedication to offering Professional Services and pioneering Disruptive Technology Solutions aligns strongly with Cheryl's proven track record in propelling business growth and nurturing innovation.

In her capacity as COO, Cheryl will collaborate closely with our skilled team to:

  • Enhance operational efficiencies and support business scalability.

  • Develop and execute strategic growth plans to further our agency's ambitions.

  • Lead the integration of advanced technologies to improve client service offerings.

The iGaming industry is marked by rapid advancements and shifts, making Cheryl's role crucial in ensuring Digital Fuel remains at the industry's cutting edge. In collaboration with our CEO, Toby Oddy, and our dedicated team, we aim to bolster our clients' competitive edge and unlock new avenues for their success.

For players, affiliates, or operators aiming to advance their market position, Digital Fuel stands ready to discuss how our expertise can support your objectives.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Digital Fuel as we continue to drive innovation in the iGaming space.

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