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Daniel Hewitt  • 

Digital Fuel are proud to be the first official sponsor of the Sealand Seahawks. The national team of the principality of Sealand came to life in summer 2021 and is the brainchild of Club President Mike Ireland, Head Chairwoman Nia Ireland and Vice President Mikey Gray. 

The Seahawks are a team passionate about the football they play but retain a high focus on inclusivity and diversity among the team. The team hosts players from all over the world with its main player base coming from the UK then stretching as far as Alabama, US and parts of mainland Europe. 

No national team could start without at least playing one match and the Seahawks took their maiden outing against the South Dublin Panthers in Dublin Ireland. As part of their inclusivity initiative the players sported rainbow laces for parts of their “swag” and had a fantastic seminar the night before with Lifting the Lid. A registered partner of the Sealand team, Lifting the Lid is a mental health awareness campaign aiming to promote awareness and create a dialogue amongst men within the American football community. The result of the game finished handsomely for the traveling Seahawks with a 42-13 win in their first ever game. 

For these reasons, and the great colour choice, Digital Fuel wanted to get involved and help the team with future endeavours and is supplying 6 brand new Wilson 1003 Footballs from EP Sports. The footballs have been branded with logos from the team and Digital Fuel and presented to Sealand player Dan ‘Chewie’ Hewitt by CEO Toby Oddy.

The footballs and players will travel to France next with their next game against the France Royal Roosters on 24th September. Set to join the outfit is the Sealand Flag football and an additional Masters team with some old legends of British American football. The new Masters team will also be sporting a new kit design with a very fetching Digital Fuel logo.

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