Introducing Sarah Henderson: The New Head of Casino at Digital Fuel Performance

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With a proven track record in the iGaming industry, Sarah Henderson joins Digital Fuel Performance to drive innovation and growth in our Casino sector.

We’re thrilled to announce that Sarah Henderson has joined the Digital Fuel Performance (DFP) family as our new Head of Casino. Sarah brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in the iGaming industry, where she has been instrumental in launching and managing products and promotions.

A Rich Background in iGaming

Sarah started her career in the fast-paced world of online gaming over a decade ago with Bet365 in Gibraltar, where she honed her skills in customer account management and VIP coverage. Her journey through the ranks of the gaming industry has equipped her with invaluable insights into customer engagement and retention strategies, which will be pivotal at Digital Fuel Performance.

Achievements and Roles

In her most recent role as Bingo Manager at Lottoland, Sarah was responsible for the successful launch of their Bingo product using the Pragmatic Play platform. She excelled in managing operational tasks, optimising game scheduling, and creating compelling brand propositions that resonated both on-site and across social media platforms. Under her leadership, strategic goals were not only met but exceeded thanks to her meticulous approach to campaign and marketing roadmap implementations.

Prior to Lottoland, Sarah was part of The Sun Gaming group at Playtech Ltd, where she managed promotions and operations for three major websites. Her role was crucial in devising and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies that significantly boosted user acquisition and retention.

Sarah’s Vision at DFP

At Digital Fuel Performance, Sarah aims to leverage her extensive experience to enhance our casino management solutions. She is passionate about using innovative technologies to create personalised gaming experiences that attract and retain players. Sarah is eager to develop strategies that not only meet but anticipate the needs of our clients.

In Her Own Words

"I am excited to join Digital Fuel Performance and look forward to contributing to and leading the casino management team. Innovation is key in our field, and I aim to bring more creative and technologically advanced solutions to our clients."

Sarah's appointment as Head of Casino is a significant boon for Digital Fuel Performance, as her strategic foresight and expert knowledge promise to bring fresh perspectives and dynamic solutions to our offerings.

We are excited to see how her leadership will shape the future of our casino management services, driving growth and success for our clients in the iGaming industry.

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