Sealand Seahawks countdown to kick-off Sponsored by Digital Fuel

Daniel Hewitt  • 

August and September are always a great starting point when it comes to sports. American Football is very much the same with the NFL getting underway September 8th as the LA Rams host the Buffalo Bills for the opener. Expectations run high as the excitement increases and the same can be said for the team sponsored by Digital Fuel, the Sealand Seahawks.

Late September will see over 100 international players descend upon Montpellier in France to compete against 2 French teams in back to back games. 

The first game showcases the aptly-named Seahawks Masters who face the Servals De Clermont-Ferrand. The Masters team combines legends of the game (who just so happen to be born before 1990) and will host a roster bolstered by some ex GB Lions players and be sporting a brand new jersey with the Digital Fuel Logo adorned on the chest. 

The evening game will be the 2nd game for the main Seahawks outfit who will be taking on some of the best players France has to offer in a collective team named the Royal Roosters. 

Not only will the Masters be making their first appearance on the 24th but so will the official Seahawks Footballs provided by Digital Fuel. The team held a practice in Milton Keynes on July 9th for both outfits where the brand new balls got to see their first action and both teams were able to polish their playbooks and make adjustments in preparation for the trip over the channel. 

In true Seahawks fashion though, the fun doesn’t end in France. Club President Mike Ireland has been hard at work all year, following the club values of inclusivity and bringing everyone together, and has launched the Sealand Shehawks. Aided by 4 fantastic captains in Jess, Louie, Shannon & Molly there has been a massive collection of female athletes applying to be on the Roster and that isn’t all. March 2023 will see the team face their first test in Sweden as they play the Arlanda Jets. 

Women in sport has been huge in 2022 with the Lionesses bringing it home in the Euros and the GB Lions Women's Football Team taking Silver medals in the World Championships in Finland. It’s great to see sports becoming more accessible for everyone who wants to play and especially for American Football that has been bolstered by Molly of the Seahawks who runs the GirlsofGridiron UK page. 

Here at Digital Fuel we want to send our best to those playing in France next month and the game in Sweden in March. The Sealand Seahawks team can be followed on their social media accounts as well as with the GirlsofGridiron for all results and updates.

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