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Cloud Hosting.

Digital Fuel understands the requirements needed from your IT infrastructure. That's why you can trust us to provide expert advice and solutions for your internet business or office solution.

We are your partner in delivering optimum performance for Search Engine Optimization and associated stores and marketplaces. Our approach is always individual and backed by years of knowledge in digital marketing and the technical infrastructure behind the scenes.

We have data centres around the world courtesy of our partnership with Amazon AWS. Our team of developers and network operations deliver advice on how to improve your server and website speed, uptime, security and data management such as back ups and storage.

Don’t get left behind as the internet is now going through a new evolution. Speed and user experience is what the search engines are looking for and audience data and security is at the forefront of every businesses mind when building for the future of commerce in the coming decade.

It's now time to move to a hosting partner that fully understands the user's journeys and the technologies and services it takes to capitalize on the new user experience, content and speed lead consumer and internet infrastructure.

Businesses are moving to cloud technology where it be Google Meeting, Azur Meetings or Office. But internet based businesses are also moving to benefit from the ease of use and scalability of cloud hosting and headless architecture.

By working with Digital Fuel you get solutions that will manage and protect your business from regulatory issues around KYC, GDPR and US State based gaming and gaming servers and data centers.

Please get in contact and one of our Solution Architects will be in touch to better your requirements now and in the future. You will be surprised on what you can save and also improve your business performance.

Private Cloud Hosting.

Digital Fuel has invested in relationships with many partners from around the world to provide truly Private Cloud Hosting solutions. Where it be for your office, call centre or working from home requirements.

We use the latest MPLS Network technologies to provide Virtual Private Networks to deliver a seamless network of connectivity that will serve your team no matter where they are in the world. We deliver Microsoft 365 and other cloud based applications that your business uses day to day.

Our Private Networks can be set up in any country in the world as we have customers using our data centres in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Whether you need Private Cloud Services for the US Igaming market and launch your brand in every US State and need to protect your business by having states by state server deployment. You may be looking to build Private Networks of sites or apps? We can assist your business to succeed in these highly complicated, regulated markets and technologies.

Dedicated Servers

Where Cloud Hosting may be not the best solution for your business to go in the short term or for specialist projects etc. There is a great solution where your business gets Dedicated Server environments that can be supported just as well as Cloud Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting allows your business to build a Dedicated Hosting environment that is fully fit for purpose for your website, marketing project or application. Our Dedicated Servers all have Solid State Drives (SSD) and NVMe hard drives that give outstanding up time performance in comparison to normal (Old) hard drives. We can provide value added services when you build a Dedicated Server with Digital Fuel. Services such as Virtual Private Networks. If you need to connect the office to your home or create a total VPN solution for all your employees and suppliers. We will also provide a managed firewall solution and remote monitoring. These value added solutions will give you peace of mind that your servers are being monitored every minute of every day.

Managed Wordpress Environments.

Wordpress is the leader of CMS platforms that is used by millions of businesses. Wordpress is a great Content Management System for building websites as it has lots of plug-in and connectivity benefits with so many platforms and technologies.

If you are looking to host your Restaurant Website or build a Private Network of websites as part of your SEO strategy then our Managed Wordpress Hosting solution is right for you.

We offer dedicated rich, relevant and topical content to populate your website plus a full SEO Strategy to allow your company to benefit from organic search traffic and brand protection. Not only do we host and populate your website to keep it live and engaging. But we also offer easy SFMP access so you can change and update your Wordpress site whenever you like.

Free SSL certificates so your website is secure and truncated plus hacker free security including automatic plugin updates and reporting on performance.

Talk to the digital marketing experts today for a free audit of your new or existing Wordpress Set Up.

SEO Hosting.

The internet Search Engines require to see backlinks from related content. This form of internet marketing is called Organic Search or Link Building Outreach. At Digital Fuel our SEO team uses many proven solutions to provide backlinks to your website. We search the web for websites that have high relevance, large audiences and will link (or at least provide a citation) back to our client’s website.

We also advise our clients on the server infrastructure and Technical SEO performance of their website, this includes inbound links. This is where Digital Fuel can provide a relevant, high traffic open network of websites that all have separate IP Addresses plus all IP’s come from a separate Class of IP Address. This will give your business more ownership and control over your Link Building and SEO strategy.

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