Link building

Link building is one of the key pillars of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the others being technical & onpage. 

At a base level it’s simply creating relevant and unique content on third party websites with contextual links back to your site. This creates what is known as ‘authority’ for your website. Authority is an industry metric made up by link building platforms such as Moz SEO, however it has been widely adopted as an industry standard. 

If all else is equal between you and your competitors with technical and onpage SEO then authority and the power of your link profile will be a deciding factor in out-ranking the competitor.

However, link building is more complex and should be a more considered process. Links built from ‘relevant to your audience’ & traffic bearing websites will generally carry more authority and will pass referral traffic over from a trusted audience with a higher intent to transact with you.

The secret to a strong link profile is making it look natural to search engines, with a mix of low, mid and high authority links. 

Using our network of relevant iGaming websites to boost your website’s authority will not only be cost effective, make your link profile appear more naturally but you’ll also gain exposure to a larger audience of users interested in online gaming.

Digital Fuel has been providing professional services and digital marketing solutions for over a decade. In that time we have built, optimised and grown 1,000’s of iGaming related websites, these range from content aggregators to review sites & news related sites.

Add your content to our sites, choose your anchor text and pages to link to and we’ll help you gain a competitive edge - it’s as simple as that.

Our sites

  • Domain authority ranging from 10 to 70

  • All traffic bearing - meaning they have a regular audience of users

  • Global coverage with sites in multiple languages

  • All iGaming verticals covered

    • Casino

    • Esports

    • Sports Betting

    • Poker

    • Crypto Gambling

    • Lottery

If you run an iGaming website whether as an affiliate or an operator, chances are you’ve already seen or used one of our websites for outreach, link building or simply a content partnership.

As you know Link Building is time consuming and feels like a thankless task at times. So take the sting out of building links and join our growing community.

Key features of our sites

  • Super fast and optimised

  • Topical with a dash of evergreen content

  • Hyper relevant to iGaming, technology and lifestyle markets

  • Secure

  • Socially linked

  • A mix of Human/AI and hand crafted content

Get started

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  • Choose the best package for you

  • Tell us your goals and targets including

    • Markets

    • Target pages

    • Anchor text

    • Target DA

  • Start your subscription

It really is that simple! We’ll ensure you get a monthly placement report and we’ll even keep an eye on your rankings.


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Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum term No 3 months 3 months 6 months
Extras / / / We'll even reclaim lost links for you as part of the service
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What else can Digital Fuel do?

  • We can write your content? Or help with your ideation process

  • We can manage your marketing services including - paid media, publishing, social media, SEO and more

  • We’ll even rebuild your website on our super innovative Digital Experience Platform

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We’ll even help you launch a new gaming website.

But if it’s the best links in the industry you’re after - let’s start there.

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