Managed Brand Protection

Ok, so you have your existing website or app live under your brand! Now how do you protect your Brand Terms from affiliates or competitors? Well by building an SEO strategy that incorporates Brand Protection is key to successfully controlling your acquisition funnel and brand values.

Your business may need to build its own multi IP Microsites or marketing SEO landing pages. Well our Headless Cloud Hosting Solutions and our Headless Content Management System is built from the ground up to provide feature rich integrations for gaming and gambling operators, Media companies, publishers and affiliate marketing businesses.

We can deliver hundreds of professional and content rich websites and Apps all in line with a solid SEO strategy to build domain authority across your individual domains. We have hundreds of front end templates with API’s that drive your content delivery to your visitors. Our Content Delivery Network is a Content Management System that incorporates multiple languages, Site Builder, API driven content, AWS or Private Cloud Hosting, Affiliate Link Management plus value added services and tools to improve your profits from your online marketing activities.

We also are able to build out dropped domain websites. This SEO strategy allows you to recycle websites that have expired and the domain has been returned to the registry company for resale. We acquire the domain and build the content to match where the website left off before it became a “Dropped Domain”. You gain the value of the DA (Domain Authority) and thus can build links to and from the site all adding to your overall SEO Strategy.

Parked Pages

Do you have an internet domain portfolio? Or are you a business that wishes to protect its brand values and messages online and around the world?

Well if you are either we have the SEO Domain Parking solution for you. Our Content Delivery Network offers an unlimited number of SEO Parking Pages so you can start your domain's progress online either to sell it or rank it in the major search engines. Build your domain authority and have relevant content that relates to the domain's terms and interest, vertical etc.

If you are a business it has never been more important to protect your brand and revuences online from brand squatters or competitors. Digital Fuel will build your brand and product brands web and app presents with relative content that is fully compliant to your brand guidelines and industry regulatory laws and guidelines. Please see our Content Sites page for more information or contact us directly via our web form.

Brand Protection for Websites and Apps

Outrank your competitors and own all your brand reach online with a selection of Brand Protection services and solutions. Digital Fuel provides a complete Brand Protection Solution including monthly reporting of Brand Infringements, Marketing Compliance and Brand Reputation Management. We also build your business an online controlled wall garden that protects your brand values and also product infringements.

By owning all your brands domains and then building websites or a parking page that represents your brand is essential in adding to protect your brand for the long term.

Brand Protection can be hard to keep up with around certain times of the year or an event or even a product launch. Having a team that you can trust to monitor and be able to execute on every level to protect your brand.

Proactive Brand Reputation Monitoring is a holistic monthly solution provided to a client to manage their reputation online, mainly based on search results and social media.

We are able to advise on trademark and copyright infringement, plus all digital infringements as we are partnered with lawyers that understand and use our software platform.

Digital Fuel will give your business access to our Digital Brand Infringement Platform and you can add and monitor our teams minute to minute monitoring of your brand online.

Monitoring is just the start of protecting your business's valuable brand. We provide Advanced Actionable Reports for your business. These are reports, delivered weekly or monthly, setting out exactly where publishers, networks, affiliates are non-compliant. They are 100% customised to your marketing brand values and strategy. They can be delivered in any format including direct API for use with BI Solutions.

Our Platform

Digital Fuel’s Platform will monitor where your brand is being promoted online that you were not aware of. This is activity is a compliance and commercial tool, dependent on your brands strategy and commercial requirements

Monitoring Brand Protection on Social Media is mainly for compliance monitoring or for brand reputation management. We recommend that your brand conducts both as part of their brand strategy as your building for the future value of your brand. It can be hard to gain insight and brand data infringements for Social Media platforms such as Facebook. Our Social Media Brand Protection Platform scans for keywords but we go deeper by scanning video and images plus over 50,0000 closed private groups.

Negative Reviews and Content Removal is a major requirement when gaming and gambling operators need to make sure they and their affiliate partners are following gaming and advertising regulations in multiple countries and even States within these countries. The Digital Fuel Brand Protection Platform can check where your brand is being featured. On the web, in app, SMS and even emails. It is critical that your brand is protected on every media format and communication platform. We check for negative reviews and comments across the digital landscape. Checking your brand's negative content that does not follow your brand guidelines saves your marketing team money and allows them to really build strong audience data that is not skewed by untrusted brand performance data.

By checking Paid Search for affiliates or publishers infringing your brand is a major benefit of our Brand Protection Platform. Our experienced team work alongside our inhouse affiliate team, legal team and Biddable Media team to identify PPC brand hijacking and put strategies in place to protect your brand on Google, Bing and other international search engines and app marketplaces.

A Trademark monitoring and reporting that is backed by a legal team identifies who is bidding on your brand name(s) and takes action to stop this infringement.

Private Blog Network

Private Blog Networks are a term used for a network of websites that all act independently but are all managed via one central Content Management System. There are many advantages to owning these types of private website networks. The main reasons to build private networks of websites or parked pages are to protect your brand

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